MultiSertDrum MSD

Industries:Graphical Industry, Automation Graphical Industry
Ferag MSD 2_1_1360_768

MultiSertDrum 2C

RollSertDrum packs the proven rotary
inserting principal into a compact design,
enabling you to achieve top net
production outputs on the smallest
footprint. This inserting drum is based
on the open architecture of the Ferag
system and gives you attractive growth
options. You can choose between a
standalone system for offline production
and an integrated online system
with flexible feeder options from Roll-
Stream and MultiDisc. Adding stitching
and trimming technology opens up access
to new markets.


MultiSertDrum M

The MSD-M MultiSertDrum is the most efficient, versatile inserting system for profitable production in the mid to upper circulation range. With four infeeds, this high-performance drum enables extremely differentiated feeding of preprints, magazines and advertising supplements into the main jacket. Additional opening devices enable central insertions into both the main product and preprints. This significantly extends your scope for the make-up of the finished newspaper, giving you the best platform from which to expand your services in the lucrative semi-Commercial market.

MSD 2c_1360_768

MultiSertDrum H

For online inserting in double production, the MSD-H can handle up to 75,000 copies per hour. Like the other inserting systems in the MSD class, this high-speed drum produces impressive, ultra-stable running Performance its profitability potential really comes to the fore when large-circulation newspaper runs have to be reliably distributed in tight production windows. Running the MSD-H in 2:1 mode allows insertion of preprints and supplements into the main product. Where high speed production is not required, the MSD-H can also be run in 1:1 mode.


Ferag AG, with headquarters in Hinwil in the canton of Zurich, is a family-owned Swiss company specialized in the development and manufacture of conveying and processing systems in the graphical and direct mailing, as well as total intralogistic solutions across all industries along with software for the control and visualization of processes of all kinds.