On blanket to blanket towers, 9 and 10 cylinders satellite units, the technocleaner is installed above the reel stands and not in the printing unit. Only one washing unit per web provides a global cleaning of the press together with no intrusion in the printing unit and no maintenance on the system. The process is very short and automatically carried out during the run down, during start up, or during the run, with a minimum waste of paper. Payback is quick with method and manning optimization, maintenance procedures rationalization, productivity increasing, and quality improvement.

The Technocleaner washing unit is composed of two spray bars in a cassette. The unit sprays a microemulsion cleaning solution on both sides of the paper with a very special washing sequence. The natural friction between the paper and the blanket leads to a mechanical action which cleans very efficiently ink and paper lint from blankets, cylinders, and rollers. The recommended cleaning solution Webtechnoclean is a non voc microemulsion which is a ready to use mixture of solvent and water.

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Since 1999 techniweb has developped new cleaning technologies for the newspaper and commercial web presses. These evolutions lead to a revolution in the cleaning process of newspaper machines. One system is able to provide a global cleaning of blankets, inking and dampening rollers, guide rollers and common impression cylinders. More than 1000 webs have been equipped with Technocleaners around the world, on every kind of newspaper presses.