Tolerans is the world leader in advanced in-line stitching systems for newspaper and commercial print.
Tolerans SPEEDLINER® series of in-line stitchers has rapidly become the world's most popular line of stitchers in the market. They are easy to install, operate and maintain. The system is delivered with a customized, modular control system, where the functions are remote-controlled for easy operations. Depending on your needs we can offer a variety of stitching solutions.

The original SPEEDLINER® series of stitchers, capable of running beyond full production speed, has proven itself to be the most secure and reliable array of in-line stitchers on the market. Inspired by this success, Tolerans has taken the winning technology, added lots of new features, and created a revolutionary high end Compact Ribbon stitching system: SPEEDLINER® 2.0.

Tolerans’ Compact Ribbon stitcher is perfect for stitching one or several tabloid sections, either straight, or inserted in a broadsheet or compact newspaper. It is fully shaftless servo driven and is placed under the former board or anywhere there is a ribbon passage in the press. The compact size means minimum space requirement, only 200 mm, and less folder modification, saving tremendous costs. It runs in either straight or ‘skip’ stitch’ mode, stitching up to 144 pages beyond full production speed.

The new Tolerans SPEEDLINER® 2.0 stitching systems are even more modular, durable, reliable, and easy to install, maintain and operate. This to ensure you a completely worry-free stitching process.

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Tolerans AB is the global leader in advanced in-line stitching systems for newspaper and commercial print. Since 1947 the Swedish company has installed stitching systems in more than 70 countries.

Stitching supports the global trend towards the compact newspaper format. It makes newspapers and commercial print easy to navigate, empowers portability, extends lifetime and secures recycling. Stitching provides better packaging of supplements and increases value for readers and advertisers.